Consultancy Services

From 2013 all professional and advisory services will be provided by Nicholson Price Associates, this is an independent company dedicated to advising the owners of historic and traditional property.


Condition Surveys

Often an essential first step in preparing any plans for alteration or repair of an historic building. This type of detailed survey will highlight areas of concern, identifying causes of deterioration, material types and provide an insight to the evolution of the building. The survey will also identify any inappropriate repairs and materials that may be having a detrimental effect. A detailed report is issued discussing all significant findings with recommendations when appropriate.

Structural Surveying and monitoring

Structural problems may be ongoing or historic, in some cases a watching brief may be appropriate, in others specific investigation of a defect may be required to determine whether any action is required. We can provide structural calculations and solutions for most situations, incorporating traditional and modern techniques.

Surveying for damp

We undertake independent assessments relating to all forms of damp in historic property. This type of survey may involve some limited opening up of cavities and in some cases the removal of samples for laboratory analysis.

Statutory applications

Before considering any repairs or alterations to a listed building it is normally necessary to obtain Listed Building Consent. Depending on the complexity of the project obtaining consent may require significant pre application discussion, investigation, recording and planning, we can offer help and advice with most matters relating to statutory applications from design to legal and financial issues.